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My Role:
Art Director,
Video Editor,

The Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala, is a dazzling never-before-seen show of fireworks, LED light and laser beam displays, and also the world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve spectacle.

The event was live streamed on, with four different camera angles including an aerial view from three drones which were introduced this year, for the complete effect. Additionally, live feeds of the event were telecast over major international channels reaching billions of people around the world.

For this project we decided to go by customize and build an interactive youtube channel and a Mobile website to reach Tablet and Mobile users so they can also have the option to see the Event´s live feed, switch between camera angles or just sit and relax watching the celebration.

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This work was made in collaboration with this amazing people

Client: EMMAR / Burj Khalifa - Downtown Dubai
Agency: Proximity BBDO / Omnicom
Copywriter: Shweta Suvarna
Arabic Copywriter: Celine Barakat
Finalizer: Syed Rashid Ali


Stages of the Live Event

The event was divided in 3 stages, Before the event we prepared a teaser online campaing and a youtube video teaser that reached 7,453,000 views in English and 1,668,053 in the arabic version. During and After the Show so the users can watch videos share and follow the event.

Before the event

During the Show

Happy New Year

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Create it
& Share

Inside the Channel and the webpage the users were able to create and share their own fireworks to spread the excitement about this day.


A expericence
for all platforms

Elegant, classy,
simple to use.