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My Role:
Art Director,

Pepsico wanted to introduce a New Mirinda flavor to The Middle East Region, the target was young millennials, for the Brand was a cool opportunity to also launch Mirinda in the most popular Social Media channels in middle east.

One creative solution was to create a cool voting site, where the people can decide what is the most coolest summer selfie, so we created a big eye-catching visuals to quickly engage visitors on the homepage, A endless “tinder” alike page with photos of people who was invited to participate to win some cool prizes, and also this help us to generate content for the launch in social media channels.


This work was made in collaboration with this amazing people

Client: Pepsico / Mirinda
Agency: Proximity BBDO / Omnicom
Creative: Micky Huang
Copywriter: Wafa Farid-Fenton
Arabic Copywriter: Celine Barakat
Finalizer: Syed Rashid Ali


Mobile first

Almost half of Mirinda Pinneapple visitors access the site from their mobile devices, so we created an experience that caters to their preferred screens first.

screen screen

The Gallery

The page was build to be easily updated and fully responsive, without feeling generic or templated, allowing the users to scale the content, As a result, every section has its own vibe and always feels fresh.


A expericence for all platforms

Easy, Funny, Fresh was the mood builded specially for this Mirinda´s new flavor.